People Eaten By (Fill in the Blank) – Bizarre Art, Strange Pictures, Crazy Photos

Eaten by… eaten by what?  Do you enjoy bizarre pictures? Do you like looing at crazy photos? Does it excite you to see strange pictures?

Eaten by monsters, aliens, blobs, snakes, maggots, parasites, plants, rats, sharks, plants, mutant worms, bugs, and much much more!

Here you will find art and imagery that depicts people being eaten by creatures and monsters and aliens… mainly sexy women being eaten just because it’s just more interesting and appealing to mix beauty with raw disgusting monsters! The two extremes create a quite intersting combination. This is a fantasy website. No one and no creature was harmed the making of them!

For those of you who want to look more deeply into this subject matter, it’s called “VORE” Google it and you will find a whole new erotic art world out there that you may just end up liking!

Eaten by Gigantic Bugs!

Eaten by Gigantic Bugs!