SuperHeroine Perils! Heroine Deaths!

Oh no, it appears our sexy superheroine was defeated in a humiliating way. Her evil nemesis tricked her and now it appears that he’s preparing her for a BBQ. She will be spit roasted for his next meal. There’s no happy endings for the superheroines here! Click on the image if you like this kind of erotic torture art.

Superheroines in Peril

Lingerie Models Eaten Alive Python Snake Swallowed Whole and Alive Digested

After her sexy lingerie shoot, the photographer decided that he had enough of her bitchy attitude. He tricked the sexy model to pose with his monster pet snake for a final shot. He that it had not been fed for a long time and it was VERY hungry. As she bitched and complained one last time, the snake began tightening it’s grip on her entire body. It wrapped itself around her sexy body and constricted her alive. But this was no ordinary snake beast. It didn’t like motionless food, so before she passed out, it began swallowing her whole and alive! The rest of the feeding was captured by the photographer! If you enjoy stories like this, click on the image below.


Being Eaten Fantasies! Eaten Alive Fantasies!

What’s this? An amazingly, sexy, hot, damsel in distress, twitching on the ground in sexy lingerie! Is it foul play? Could it be that she accidentally slipped and bumped her head? Or could it be that someone snuck up from behind and BAM! Or maybe since we can’t see her top part, it’s being eaten by a snake or worm or alien creature that’s sucking out all her brains for a delicious meal! In any case, the fantasy is yours, you decide why this sexy damsel is on the floor helpless. She’s at your mercy!


Girls Eaten Alive by Alien Plant Monsters!

Mmmmmm what a lucky plant! She looks so delicious, so busty, so juicy. When the plant creature finally eats her whole and alive, she will be as tasty as a squishy jelly donut to the plant monster. These plant creatures capture and devour their prey whole and alive! Watch where you step! They get especially angry when you step on one of their vines! Don’t you just love watching girls being eaten?


Snake Eats Girl! Bunny Girl Eaten Alive!

Unfortunately, this sexy bunny girl got a little too close to our hungry pet snake that mistook her for it’s dinner. We don’t mind though because it’s kind of erotic, don’t you think? Maybe she’s enjoying the experience as well! Girls getting eaten alive! If this kind of imagery turns you on, click on the picture to get the best vore experience of your life!


Lingerie Models Eaten Alive by Snakes! Damsels in Distress!

There’s no escape for this beautiful vixen! She is being eaten alive by a snake and soon she will be snake poop. Do we really want to let this hungry snake continue to devour her whole and alive? Sure! Why not? You know you enjoy the fantasy of monster snakes eating people, especially sexy hot girls. That is why you are here at this website!

Snake eats girl

Unconscious Girls

Ready to be digitally tweaked into any dark scenario! She now can be eaten by anything!